OMMI Srl, established in 1963, has acquired a position of world leading company in designing, manufacturing and commissioning of fiber preparation plants with machines for any type of textile production. The actual production program of OMMI is aimed to OPENING, CLEARING, DOSING AND BLENDING OF ALL FIBERS AND PRODUCTION: – Automatic feeding of cards for tops productions – All types Non-Woven products – Open End spinning – Recycled fibers – Technical and special fiber (such as glass fiber, carbon fiber, cellulose…) And additionally for Dyeing and Bleaching plants: – Preparation of cakes (fiber and tow) – Opening of fiber cakes – Feeding of fibers to Dryers – Feeding and collecting tow from dryers.


IMetinoks Mechatronics started his production of machinery with his experience in the field of mechatronics and mechatronic systems, which first started to produce Coil Packing Machine, later produced Open Envelope Quality Control and Packing Machine.

The most important responsibility of the company is to remove the labor dependency of factories in textile sector. It is creating local labor production alternatives so that they can be used in textile factories for better production, remove errors and for better quality of packing. The company goal is to produce machines that meet the needs of textile factories and use the latest version of domestic production and technology. Company Quality policy is Providing quality and customer satisfaction services in textile machinery production and sales activities. Continuous enhancement of customer satisfaction by means of modern technology and personal knowledge and experience of employees. Reduce adverse operating conditions and ensure business safety. To implement the quality management system and ensure its continuity. Adopt the principle of continuous improvement in quality activities.


AGTEKS is founded in 1992 as a top quality knitwear manufacturer for domestic and export markets in Istanbul. Most of the research and development staffs are very much familiar with the latest technology of knitting field with many years of experience. Many new knitting methods and techniques were released to the use of knitwear sector by this team during this business.
Combining this practical and theoretical knowledge, AGTEKS bounded to serve the knitting industry by unique innovations on the textile machinery field since 1995. After 2002, AGTEKS started to be concentrated only high technology products which make the life easy for knitters.
With many number of international patents, multi-million Euros annual turnover, hundreds of happy customers in more than 30 countries, 40 highly motivated and enthusiastic staff and with many highly reputable agents worldwide, AGTEKS is proud of serving the knitting industry globally with their very useful developments and top quality products.