Güven Çelik was established in 1988 has a wide area of customers that from integrated textile industry to weavers, from knitted fabric manufacturer to fabric wholesaler, from ready-to-wear manufacturer to fabric importer. Our clients comprise numerous firm all of Turkey. Our target is that enlarges our export program and introduces our machines to all Textile Industry in the world, permanently and currently. Our products: Fabric Inspection Machines,  Fabric Double Folding Machines, Fabric Roll Packing Machines and Automation,  Laboratory Test Equipment; Spectrophotometer, Rubbing Resistance Test Apparatus (Crock Meter), Light Box. Manuel and Automatic Swatch Cutting Knife Machines, Portable Swatch Cutting With Laser,  Barcode Management for Fabric Sample, Fabric Quality Inspection System and Bar code Warehouse Management System, Drilling Machines.


QINGDAO HICORP GROUP CO.,LTD was built in 1966. During 46 years’ development, the enterprise scale is growing continuously, covering textile machinery, glass machinery, automobile parts, shoes and real estate etc., The National Exemplary Faculty’s Family’.
For more than 40 years, Hicorp Group becoming China’s patent Shandong star enterprise, wins 69 national patents, 15 national authorized invention patient,12 scientific and technical progress reward of department & province, with 22 mechanical products recognized as key new products by the nation.

Hi Corp: Weaving Loom: HCP810 High-speed air-jet weaving machine

HCP810 air-jet weaving machine has special design in high speed and low vibration and energy saving, further satisfy customers on the synthetic fiber, cotton and wool etc.
High speed: New beating weft device, new frame structure, high speed controlled by CPU system, making machine speed to reach 1250rpm.
Intelligent: New-model interface, internet and new communications technology, redesigning machine highly intelligent.
Energy conservation: Because auxiliary air tank and auxiliary air valve is directly connected, no air loss. The sub nozzle has a tapered opening to prevent air dispersion, thus enable stable weft insertion with less air drafting nozzle give a draft t wefts yarn, and reduce air consumption for auxiliary nozzle.
Low vibration: Through 3D design and computer analysis to achieve the best value for machine structure and light value, balance value for weft institutions.